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What No One Tells You About Going Natural

Looking at the length comparison photos for many naturals on Instagram, Pinterest, youtube and other social media forums will have you envious of them all. You will be so excited and want to start your natural hair journey sooner than later. While we’re excited for you to start yours as we did ours, we want you to be mindful of certain things. The natural hair journey is not an easy skip through the park. It is a winding journey that has hills and valleys.

Depending on how you look at it, you can either be happy or frustrated when on it.

So here are four things that no one tells you about going natural:

1. You may turn into a product junkie – You just may turn into a product junkie from trying all the different products on the market. You may end up after 6 months of being natural with 5 different deep conditioners, 6 different styles, 4 different moisturizers, 10 different growth oils, and a lot of new natural hair gadgets and much more. You will realize that all these products serve you no purpose because none of them are working. As well as, you may have realized how much money you have wasted. So, you must be mindful to not over purchase unnecessary products.

2. The multiple failed hairstyles – As Thomas Edison said, he hasn’t failed he just found 1000 ways that did not work. That is how your natural hair journey will be as you will have multiple failed hairstyles whether due to product, technique, or the health of your hair. But do not be dismayed. There are many influencers online teaching you how to style your hair on youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram. So, you will learn how to get it because there are multiple platforms for you to learn how to style your hair in different ways. l be fruitful hairstyles which will have you looking and feeling your best.

3. The joy of rocking a wash and go - And when you successfully get to rock a wash and go, you will feel so joyous. We put this as this is one of the hairstyles that most naturals love to wear as they can rock their naturally curly pattern. It’s not easy to achieve as everyone’s product and techniques are different. However, when you master this style the feeling is unmatched.

4. PATIENCE – Last but not least is to have patience.

Remember we said that the journey is winding with hills and valley. So, you must be patient while you are on the journey because it will not always be high. Your hairstyles may not always be amazing, the product may not always work, you must try different techniques and so much more. However, there are amazing moments when you wash and go finally works, your hair reaches your ideal length and much more.

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