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The Differences Between Hair Butters and Hair Creams

As a shop owner and a member of the natural hair community, this is a common question I get faced with. What’s the difference between the hair butter and the hair cream? Isn’t it the same thing since the consistency is the same? Do they offer the same function? And so much more additional questions that point to the same underlying question – the difference between a hair butter and a hair cream.

Surprisingly we tell all naturalistas and say “yes”.

Many aren’t thinking that they are especially fi the underlying ingredients are the same which is “shea butter”. Regardless, the additional ingredients used in the manufacturing process is what causes the difference.

Let’s get into it.


Hair Butters are thick.

They usually have the consistency of the butter in your fridge. If it stays in the fridge or a cool place, it will stay thick. And as such if your hair butters stay in a cool or room temperature environment it will stay thick. This is why most hair butter recommends to keep it as “XYZ” degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. If it does not, it will melt similarly to butter. It will melt into an oil as it is made from shea butter, which is an “oil”. A lot of naturals are usually surprised by this, but yes, it is true.

Hair butter is not only made with shea butter. They contain other additional oils for the health of your hair such as castor, olive, coconut, or even almond oil. Butters are used in your natural hair regimen for “sealing” purposes only. It would be used as the “C” if you’re the LOC Method. Remember the LOC Method is moisturization technique for your natural hair. It allows the moisture to penetrate the hair strand to hydrate and stay sealed in for a lengthy time. The Butters that are made of shea butter and other oils are great sealants. The butter will aid in keeping the hair cuticle closed so that no moisture is able to escape. As well as, the oils will keep the hydration sealed in while enhancing the natural shine of your hair.


Hair Creams have a softer consistency.

They usually have the same consistency as your favorite body lotion. And as such, there are no restrictions on the temperature that the product should be stored in unlike butter. How come? Creams are made of water. The h20 is what gives the cream the softer consistency which makes it easier to apply to our tresses. As well as, the h20 is what usually causes our hair to curl and clump up when it is applied to our tresses. Similarly, to butter, creams are made with shea butter and oils. As well as, other alcohols and other key ingredients that are needed to keep your hair strands nourished.

Hair creams are used mainly for styling. They provide your hair with the hydration and definition that it needs for your chosen hairstyle. Whether it is a wash and go, twist/braid out, there is a cream that is out there for you.

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