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The Basics of Moisturizing Natural Hair

Naturally, natural hair is dry. Due to the curly structure of our strands, the sebum that is produced on our scalp is not able to travel down to the ends of our hair shaft freely. It usually gets stuck in between the corners of our curly hair. Hence, we have to manually moisturize our own mane. The best way to moisturize natural hair is by doing the LOC or LCO method. In this technique, (L)iquid, (O)il, and (C)ream is applied in the order chosen by you to your hair shaft. The product application allows your hair to not only be moisturized but to be sealed in. Once it is sealed in, it allows your hair to stay moisturized for longer as well as lengthen the life of your hairstyle.

LIQUID: – The first step, is to apply the moisture to your hair which is the liquid. The best form of hydration for our hair strands is water or Aloe Vera juice. And, this can be applied using a spray bottle full of either. You can also use a moisturizer as long as water is the first ingredient in the ingredient list. Ensure to spritz each section thoroughly with your moisturizer. After applying, it is best to do the praying hands method to ensure that each strand is coated with moisture.

OIL: – Next, we apply the oil. Remember that science or chemistry class in Middle School, where we learned through experimentation that water and oil don’t mix? Well, that’s facts, especially in our natural hair routine. Whenever we apply oil on top of our wet or moisturized hair, the two will not become one. Instead, the oil will trap the water molecules unto on our hair strands. Once it’s trapped, it’s going nowhere. Therefore, we call this sealing. Sealing allows the moisture that we added from the liquid to stay within our hair. Once it stays our hair will be longer, shinier and more so healthier. Examples of sealing oils that we recommend are olive, coconut, jojoba, avocado, and grapeseed oil. As a bonus, the oils contain minerals that are good for our hair in other ways such as adding strength, enhancing sheen and so much more.

CREAM – And finally, we add our cream. The cream acts as another layer for sealing in the moisture. Why do we need another layer? Well depending on your chosen hairstyle, your hair is always in contact with something whether it be the environment, your clothes, or even someone hands. Through all of this interaction, moisture can be lost. So, we double on the sealant to ensure that the moisture stays locked in. Examples of creams would include shea, grapeseed, mango and cupuacu butter. These butters will keep all of the goodness sealed into your hair strands for a very long time.

We can’t say which method is best for your type of natural hair, as everyone’s hair is different. However, we do recommend experimenting with the LOC or LCO method to find out what works best for you.

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