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Should You Pre-Poo??

Pre-poo is a natural hair phenomenon in which you coat each hair strand in an oil of your choice prior to shampooing your tresses.

Prepooing is done in the case where your shampoo is very harsh on your hair and scalp.

Shampoos contain a harsh ingredient called “sulfate or sulfate”.

This is a chemical ingredient that is used to deeply cleanse any area, object, or surface.

it is used in our common household supplies such as laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, bathtub/bathroom toil/toilet bowl cleansers. It’s used in these supplies to remove the dirt, and soil from the various object that cannot be done with a simple wash. There may be a build-up of oil/grease that is stubborn when trying to be removed. So, the sulfate breaks up a part he soiled dirt so that it can be “rinsed” out.

We are grateful for sulfates for our clothes, plates, house but just not our hair.

Sulfates deeply cleanse the scalp which is not what you should want.

we all want our hair to be clean but not too clean to the point of dryness.

So we recommend to prepoo before using a shampoo made with sulfates.

The sulfates will leave the scalp dry to the touch.

They will remove the excess oil, product build-up and our “Sebum”.

we don’t want he sebum to be removed because the sebum is needed to nourish the new growth that appears form each follicle. The sebum contains moisture, protein, and other additional nutrients needed to add shine to the new growth. Thus, providing it with what it needs for it to function alone when it’s out in the open.

And since sulfates do that, we have to find a way to combat it.

The best way is by prepooing.

Once the hair is coated in oil, the sulfate will only remove that top layer of oil and each and every hair strand. Therefore, not leaving the scalp too dry or dry at all. So, the sebum can be retained that is needed to moisture your new growth.

You can pre-poo with our Crazy Growth Oil.

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