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Quick Natural Hair Looks for When You Are Low On Time

There are some days when we have no time to comb our natural hair.

Either the hairstyle isn’t cooperating, we have to take care of the kids, or we just woke up late.

Regardless we have to get our hair which is usually in a short time and head out the door to get our days started.

So, what hairstyles can you do? Here are three:

1. BUNS (Low, High or Messy) – When you are low on time, just bun it up.

Buns are a great hairstyle for when time is short, your hairstyle failed or if you’re just feeling lazy. You can never go wrong with a bun whether it is a low, high, or middle bun.

All you must do is pull your hair into a ponytail. Then, use the ponytail to form a sleek, semi-sleek, or messy bun. The buns allow you have to a sleek look without much effort. You can do a high bun, low bun, or even a messy bun. Each will give you a sleek look with minimal effort. As well as, you can dress up your “bun”. You can add headbands, lay your edges, or using different colored and styled bobby pins.

2. Low Ponytail – Or, you can do a low ponytail.

For this hairstyle, you would place your hair into a low ponytail with the help of your favorite gel and bristle board brush. Don’t forget to spritz the ponytail with water an =d apply thin layers of gel to enhance and hold your natural curly pattern. In addition, do not brush your hair too much because you don’t want to damage any follicles or lose your hair. As well as, not too much because it can cause flakes and cause your hair to become stiff. Similarly, to buns, you can dress up your ponytails too. These will enhance and accentuate the overall look of your low ponytail

3. High Puff – And finally a low puff.

For this hairstyle is like the others because you must place your hair in a ponytail, however, it’s going to be a high one. We all love a good puff especially with the use of our handy dandy shoelace. The shoelace gets all the hairs pulled together securely right on the top of our hair. Then, you sure tie a knot or tuck the ends of the shoelace under each other. And you can dress up the high puff as well as other hairstyles.

Let us know in the comments which one of these hairstyles is your favorite. Or, which hairstyle is the best one for you to do whenever you are short on time.

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