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How to Retention Natural Hair Length

Our hair grows an average of ½ an inch a month. Therefore, your hair is growing almost every month out of the year. So why are you not seeing the growth? Because you are not retaining the length. How come? Well, it is usually due to your poor techniques when caring for your hair. They usually result is knots, tangles, split ends, unnecessary breakage, excessive shedding, and much more.

So how do you combat this? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Here are 5 ways to retain your length:

1. Sleep on Satin – Satin aids in retaining moisture which ultimately aids in retaining length. When compared to cotton, cotton removes moisture from our hair strands. And as such, you may wake up with your pillowcases or sheets damp or with product reside. The satin blocks moisture from leaving our hair so it stays in for a longer time. This is usually why you wake up the next day with your wash and go or twist out still looking great. The moisture that you worked so hard to apply is still in your hair.

2. Deep Conditioning - Next, you can also deep condition your hair every week. Deep conditioners should be made with natural and/or fortifying ingredients. These can penetrate your hair strands on its molecular level. Thus, it’s able to impart the nutrients needed to repair, restore, and rejuvenate your hair strands. Therefore, your length can stay hydrated for a long time.

3. Detangle Your Hair – To prevent your hair from tangling up the point of no return, keep it tangle-free by regularly detangling your hair. Depending on your routine you may detangle your hair at least once a week. Detangling aids in removing any small knots that would have turned into major knots that would have to be cut out. Also, it makes styling your hair (point #5) a breeze as your hair is easier to manage.

4. Oil Your Ends – Oil the ends of your hair to protect it from breakage. The oil will trap to the hair strand and act as a barrier. Therefore, letting nothing out and nothing in that will harm your hair. Oils that should be used are lightweight and penetrating. These oils will nourish and protect the ends without weighing down your hair. Examples of oil to use are grapeseed, Argan, Amla, coconut, and even jojoba oil.

5. Wear Low Maintenance Styles – And finally, wear low manipulation hairstyles. These styles require low manipulation therefore they require little to no manipulation y. Examples of these styles are twist/braid outs, wash and go, and buns. The styles usually last approximately 4 to 7 days depending on the product and technique used. No restyling needed until the next wash day. Therefore, no tools would touch your hair that causes unnecessary breakage.

Length retention is key if you want to have long and luscious healthy hair.

And as such, you must put steps in your regimen and/or lifestyle that are conducive to you retaining your hair length.

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