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How to Find A Good Natural Hair Stylist

Finding a good natural hairstylist is not easy to do even in the year 2020.

We’re all still shocked to this day because there is so much knowledge out there on how to care for your natural hair. Yet still, some hairstylists just don’t know what to do. So, you must be careful who you go to get your natural hair done. If you’re like us, you prize the health of your hair, and putting it in someone else’s hands is a risky business. Since it’s not easy, we provided you with some tips to find a good natural hairstylist:

1. Ask Your Natural Hair Individuals –They could be your friends/family members, so you just have the message them on social media to get a prompt response. However, if you don’t have anyone who’s natural who is close to you, we understand. So, wherever you see a naturalista, ask a naturalista. If you see them at work, at school, or even in the beauty supply store. Just go over, flash a smile, and ask them if they know of any natural hairstylists within the area. The worst response that you can get is “no”. They won’t be mean because they might just be looking for one too and want the answer! And if that option fails, go on to the next one.

2. Use Instagram – The next one being Instagram. Search on Instagram for natural hair stylists using a hashtag. So, the hashtag would be #naturalhairstylistlocation”. For the location section, you would write wherever you are based if it is Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, etc. Usually, common hashtags will come up for you to just quickly click on it. You will be able to see a variety of natural hair stylists with their clients and the outcomes of their various styles. You ‘ll be able to view the comments to see what the customer said, as well as what others are saying. In addition, they will have the link to their schedule so that you can see their reviews on their platform. As well as, their story highlights of the hairstylists that they do and the reviews that they have received.

3. Ask on Natural Hair forms – Or, you can search on natural hair forums on the internet. Go on google and type in “naturalhairstylistsintexas” and you will see a listicle already produced on a natural hair forum for you. You will be able to research the stylists and see which one you are most comfortable with. Or, you may see other individuals commenting and asking the same questions as you are. If you haven’t found a stylist, then the next best source is ...

4. Use Natural Hair Blogs – Looking on a natural hair blog. This is a great idea if you know where the editor in chief of the blog is. For example, if they are from Atlanta, then you can assure that the content related to hairstylists in Atlanta is correct. The blogs are written by various individuals across the world, so you may just be able to find hairstylists anywhere in the world if you so desire.

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