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Common Natural Hair Myths That Everyone Believes

Since the emergence of the natural hair movement, there has been some “poor choice of beliefs” floating around. We like to call them Natural Hair Myths. These are thoughts or ideal that we have when it comes to our natural hair because of what we’re told, how we’ve been trained and our upbringing. We’re here to dismantle those common natural hair myths that everyone so happens to believe.

1] If You Cut Your Hair It, Will Grow:

Truth be told, cutting your hair will not affect your growth rate positively or negatively. Your growth rate is dependent on your genetics. If your family lineage is solely black, then your hair will grow slower than a mixed person. So don’t go start chopping off your hair for hair growth, that’s not how it goes.

Your hair naturally grows ½ inch every month. However, depending on your genetics you’re hair may grow faster when compared to someone else. If you’re experiencing slow growth or faster growth, there are trips and techniques to make your hair grow even faster.This is not to be confused with cutting split ends.

2] Dirt Grows Your Hair

Dirt doesn’t grow anything “good” in society, therefore it cannot grow your hair. However, the lack of manipulation does.

When you haven’t combed your hair in 4 weeks due to a protective style, you will notice your natural hair grow more. Well, because it’ not being combed or manipulated in any way. Hence, it will continue to grow as normal without experiencing any breakage at the roots from your hands or tools. Also, the growth will show as your hair is in one style for an extended period so any change – you can see.

3] The Longer You Let The Deep Conditioner Sit The Better

Products are being manufactured by scientists and chemists. These individuals understand product ingredients such as chemicals, organics, alcohols, acids, etc much better than we do. They are aware of it form a molecular standpoint while we only know of it from face value. Hence, if they recommend letting a specific deep conditioner sit for 15 minutes, you should follow it. If you choose to let it sit for 60 minutes, it will not work better than it would have in 15 minutes. They curated the product to stay within the hair for 15 minutes for a particular reason so follow them.

4] 4c Hair Girls Can’t Rock A Wash N Go:

Lastly, is that 4c hair girls cannot rock a wash and go – absolutely absurd! Every hair type can rock a wash and go if they wanted to. Remember ever hair type is different os why would the results be the same? It would not because Mary’s hair doesn’t curl the way Ashley doesn’t. Hence, you have to embrace your unique coil pattern with your wash and go results.

And, if your curls aren’t popping as they should, you may want to choose another styling agent. It could be the gel, gellee, custard or cream that you're using in your natural hair regimen to achieve the style.

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