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9 Ways to Keep Your Hair Safe from The Summer Sun

The sun is great for suntanning, defrosting, and much more.

However, the UV Rays from the sun are harmful to our hair strands.

It can cause it to bleach, breakage, become weakened, lots of moisture, and much more.

All in all, it doesn’t leave the hair in a healthy condition.

And as such, you have to protect your hair from the heat of the summer’s sun.

Here’s How:

1. Use A Moisturiser – Moisture is key during the summertime. The heat tends to withdraw all the moisture that we worked so hard to apply. So, you must ensure that your hair strands stay hydrated all the time during this season. And moisturize your hair using the LOC Method (link to a LOC post).

2. Use A Hair Serum – Similarly to how you apply a pepo to protect your hair from the harsh shampoo. You would apply a hair serum to protect your hair from the sun rays. The oil will cover each strand to prevent the rays from penetrating the hair strand.

3. Wear A Hair Cap – Wear a baseball cap. But, not just a regular satin cap, you need one with satin protection. So, while your hair is covered, the hydration is still being stored in your hair strands.

4. Wear Braided Protective Styles – Wear a braided protective style such as box braids, knotless braids, and much more. The synthetic hair will cover the natural hair strands and keep the protective from the sun rays.

5. Apply Conditioner Before Going Out – And if you are going to the beach or pool often, soak your hair in conditioner. It will act as a barrier and prevent the saltwater or chlorine from breaking down the hair strand.

6. Do A protein treatment – The sun rays can penetrate against the hair strand and break it down. And as such, you want to keep the hair strands strengthened during this time Regular protein treatments every month is needed.

7. Do a deep conditioning treatment – The heat of the sun will take away the moisture that you worked so hard to apply to your hair strands. So, you want to double up on the hydration during this time. And as such, you want to ensure that you are deep conditioning consistently.

8. Wear A Bun – if you don’t want to do a protective style, just bun it up. A bun keeps the hair strand all clumped together. In addition, the ends are covered under the bun to keep them protected from the rays.

9. Don’t go outside – And finally is to avoid the outside. Avoid your hair interacting with the sun rays. So, you may want to start running errands when the sun is going down, or in the evening. During this time, the traffic may be lighter, or business places may be less crowded.

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