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5 Ways To Detangle Natural Hair:

A lot of naturalists say that their hair is hard to comb. However, we agree to some extent. Natural hair is easy to comb once our tresses are detangled. Our hair has a kinky, coily or curly nature to it which doesn’t make detangling easier. The comb cannot run through our hair one time without getting stuck or being broken. Especially, if we have knots and tangles in our hair it might just be a nightmare. There are steps within our hair regimen that we can take to make detangling our natural hair a breeze.

5 Ways To Detangle Natural Hair:

Using A Wide Tooth Comb -

The wide-tooth comb can detangle your hair freely without any harm to your hair. The teeth are set wide apart which reduces the surface area of hair to cover in one go. The teeth are evenly split apart so that at least one tooth is combing through a particular section. There will be no snagging or pulling as you would experience with a fine-tooth comb.

Using Brushes -

Brushes function similarly to the comb. The teeth of the brushes are designed to move along the kinks and coils of your hair strands. Hence, it will be following the pattern to remove any knots instead of doing it straight down if your hair was straight

Examples of Brushes to choose from are the Felicia leatherwood detangling or

Denman brush.

Using Sections -

Detangling your hair in sections is key. Sectioning your hair reduces how much hair you have to detangle at one time. This is especially great for my thick hair or high-density hair goals. Not only does it reduce how much hair, but it reduces how much time you spend on detangling your hair. What usually takes 1 hour and can take 30 minutes using smaller sections.

Using Our Hands -

The naturalistas expert say that the hands are the best way to detangle your hair. How? Well, your hands are soft so there will be no rough pulling on your scalp or edges. Also, your hands have the function of “Feel”. Therefore, they can feel the knots and tangles while you comb through. So, you can remove them every time you come across one.

Using Products –

You can use your conditioner or deep conditioner to detangle your hair.

Both products contain the key ingredient which is “Cetearyl alcohol”. This is a fatty alcohol that gives the “slip” that we love to the product. The slip that we ever so often speak off is the right mixture between not too soft and not too thick for our products. It makes the application easier to the hair because it just penetrates it. Thus, softening the hair so that it is easier to detangle. So we can remove all the knots and tangles that we have accumulated from playing in our hair, rubbings against and/or our clothes.

You can use your combs, brush, hands and part your hair into sections when using your products.

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