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10 Reasons Why Your Natural Hair Is Not Growing

Natural hair growth is one of the main goals of any naturalista. Why? Who doesn’t want long, luscious, and lengthy curly hair? I know I do and I’m sure you do too. However, there are steps in your natural hair routine that are combating against you reaching your hair goal. And as such, you must stop or prevent yourself from doing this.

Here are 10 Reasons Why Your Natural Hair Is Not Growing:

1. Not Deep Conditioning – Deep conditioning your hair is crucial for growth because it provides your hair with the vitamins and minerals that the scalp and the hair shaft needs. These can penetrate it and impart the nutrients needed to repair, rehydrate as well as strengthen each strand.

2. Not Massaging Your Scalp – Next, scalp massages are important because they help to promote blood circulation. The blood will provide extra minerals that the scalp needs to feed the bulb of each strand so that it can grow.

3. Not Oiling Your Scalp – As well as, oiling your scalp on a nightly basis using growth oils. Growth oils as the name suggests are the oils that are rich in antiseptic and anti-fungal properties that are great for the scalp. These can penetrate to the deepest layer of our scalp to remove the free radicals that are harboring the healthy hair growth process.

4. Not Sleeping with Satin Cap – Unlike cotton, satin protects the hair from moisture loss. Once the moisture stays into the hair strand it will stay hydrated to reduce breakage. So, don’t forget to sleep with your satin scarfs, caps or on satin sheets.

5. Not Shampooing your hair – the scalp is the powerhouse for growth. if your scalp is clogged up with excess sebum and product, there is no room for your new growth to appear. So, cleanse your scalp every to 2 weeks.

6. Not Doing Protective Styles – Every once in a while, give your natural hair a break from the consistent manipulation from styling. This break will give the hair strands time to repair and rejuvenate for the next time you decide to wash and style it.

7. Not Cutting Your Hair – Why are you holding onto your split, straggly, thin and single-strand knotted ends? You need to cut them off to prevent the rest of the hair trend from being worn down.

8. Not Detangling Your Hair – Due to the curly nature of each hair strand, the curls are bound to get tangled into one another. Therefore, we must detangle our hair to keep the curls at bay. The best way to do it is by applying your favorite deep conditioner/conditioner to your wet hair

9. Not Moisturising Your Hair – You should be moisturizing your natural hair using the LOC method. This technique allows for moisture to be sealed into your hair strands, especially your new growth. So, they have a better chance of survival i.e. no breakage due to dehydration.

10. Not Using Organic Products – And finally, you must use organic products in your hair regimen. These are made with natural ingredients that our hair loves. They will be able to bring life into your curls, so they stay hydrated, strong, and always curly.

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